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Website and APP Combination Deal

I have developed my own Content Management Dashboard which will link together your Website and APP.
You can update Information, News, Events, Diary and Products on the dashboard which will instantly be displayed both on your Website and on your App.

I offer Build and APP Deploy to Apple and Android, I can also update on your behalf for a monthly fee.
I believe I am the only company offering this service in the UK.

Work on Fiverr

Work on Fiverr and Youtube

iI offer lots of differant services and have demos on Fiverr and on Youtube.
Click the below links for demos and information.

Fiverr Profile
Youtube Channel

Digital Cards for Social Media

Why not post a personalised Digital Card on Social Media, Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Sales, Offers or just a Funny Message.
Video or Image Backgrounds, Audio, Personalised Message and Contact Details.
The images can also be made into posters printed on A4 - 6ft Banners.
Choose and image and replace the text with your own message.

View demos on Youtube
View the background images


I provide a flexible approach to building and solving problems.


I can build websites using various platforms.

Bootstrap, HTML and CSS, PHP and SQL, Wordpress and I am one of a few freelance developers who specialise in Moodle.
I can work from your office to enable you to over see the build and have regular input.
I will work on a daily rate full build rate or pay per job if you would like yor website to have small changes over time.

Business apps

News and Events Page.
Push Notifications to people who have your APP installed.
Products Page.
Contact Page including a map contact details and a form.
We can update the App on your behalf or build a user friendly dashboard. 

digital media

Digital images, videos, and presentations for various social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and all the others.
Also Business Cards, Flyers and Poster Design, for you to shop around to get the best price or use an online printer.

printed media

I use a selection of local printing companies to get the best price and quality for your Business Cards, Flyers, and Posters. I will liaise with the printer to make sure there are no issues with the final product.


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